Taylor Hanson – Tackling Tulsa’s Food Deserts

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Taylor Hanson is a multi-Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, born and bred in Tulsa. He has worked in the music industry for over 20 years, and sold more than 16 million albums as a member of the pop-rock trio, HANSON. He is CEO and co-founder of 3CG Records, Hanson Brothers Beer Company, and a non-profit focused on issues of extreme poverty in Africa. Beginning in 2014, Taylor spearheaded a new initiative, Food On The Move, focused on strengthening community partnership around the issues of hunger and eradicating food deserts in Tulsa and Oklahoma.

“Tackling Tulsa’s Food Deserts”

Tulsa is so fortunate that after Hanson grew up, the boy band never left. The Hanson Brothers created a music festival, established a microbrewery and sunk roots in our city. They are also tackling community issues, like the lack of nutritional food in areas that lack full-service grocery stores. Next week , Taylor Hanson will speak to us about Tulsa’s food deserts and his initiative to help his fellow Tulsans.

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