Rotarians Get Dingy For The Salvation Army

By GasserOnline Correspondent, Beth Donica

Karen-Keith-and-Tim-Coffee-shrunk-for-websiteAlthough delayed due to wintry weather, Rotary Club of Tulsa rang in the holidays for the Salvation Army as usual last month. This was the first time I had ever rang the bell, and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Tulsans who dropped donations into the kettle. What really got to me was the generosity of one man in particular who looked to be a bit down on his luck. He could have been homeless for all I know, but he wore a big smile when he threw some change into the kettle. I could tell it made him feel good to give … someone who could possibly use a little help himself so graciously helping others is a terrific example of one thing that makes Tulsa such a great city.

If you haven’t given the bell the ringy dingy, I encourage you to do so next year. It’s something I plan on doing every year from now on!