Rotary Cares Committee Introduces “Rides for Rotarians”

By GasserOnline Correspondent, Jerry Muratore

After an especially good Rotary program, a Rotarian at my table, Terri Heritage, asked if she could get a ride home from me.  I asked where she lived and found out it was right on my route back to my office.  That was several years ago and continues to this day.

Since then we have a standard agreement to check in by email each Monday before Rotary to see if we are both going to the meeting. We are both on various committees that may meet after the regular Rotary meetings, so we decide if we need to make alternate arrangements either going to or returning from the regular meeting.

Terri, my driving partner, has a vision problem that prevents her from driving and might not attend meetings if she could not arrange a ride.  Our arrangement could work for anyone in a similar situation where driving to meetings for one Rotarian is prohibitive or just inconvenient.

It also works if Rotarians just want to share driving and alternate drivers.

Terri and I often joke that this is like a weekly Fireside meeting since we’ve become better friends sharing the weekly ride.

I think we both look forward to the short journey each week and it has become a regular part of our Wednesday routine.

Helping a fellow Rotarian enjoy the camaraderie of our weekly meetings is in the true spirit of “Service Above Self.”