MSNI / Water Well Project Container Loaded for Nicaragua

By GasserOnline Correspondent, BRENDA MELANCON

20100816-MSNI-water-well-photo2Rotarians were busy early Saturday morning August 14 at the MSNI warehouse loading drilling and medical supplies as part of the District 6110 service for the Medical Supplies Network. The drilling supplies are in support of the Rotary Water Well Project, which provides potable water for thousands of villagers in Nicaragua.  Rotarian Brenda Melancon reports that the container is scheduled to sail August 20 for León, Nicaragua from the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Rotarians in the group photo include Tom Payne, Del Dryer, Ben Windham, Rotary Club of Tulsa President Bob McKenzie, Matt Hill, Charley Tompkins, Brenda Melancon, David Peterson, Mickey Moore and Joe Haning.

Also attending but not pictured are Ann Domin, Tim Caldwell, Mike Manning, Harry Livingston, Bill Vogle and Wes Byrd.

The Medical Supplies Network, Inc., exists today because of the recognition of Rotarian Jack Maxwell (then a member of the Rotary Club of Tulsa), who discovered the needs of developing countries, learning how frustrated doctors and nurses in these countries were because they did not have the means to provide the kind of care they knew their patients needed.

The Medical Supplies Network, Inc. provides free medical equipment and supplies for those in need throughout the world. To learn more and get involved, visit