1999 – Leigh Steinberg

Leigh Steinberg is known as the “super agent” to the super sports stars. The basis of his representation of these professional sports stars is a one-on-one, personal relationship with clients. Leigh is the founding partner of the law firm Steinberg, Moorad, & Dunn, which maintains a client roster that has included more than 150 of the highest profile names in sports history. In October 1999, the Assante Corporation, a multi-billion dollar Canadian wealth management firm, purchased the Steinberg & Moorad firm. Leigh is now the Chairman and CEO of the Assante Sports Management group and Steinberg Moorad & Dunn.

The one-to-one relationships Steinberg’s firm fosters with their athlete clients isn’t just about helping make deals that offer long-term financial security. It’s also about assisting them to become upstanding members of their communities. Leigh firmly believes in the concept of professional athletes as role models, accepting only those clients willing to give back to the communities around them. From working with charities to establishing foundations and scholarships, the firm;s clients are some of the most widely recognized philanthropists in professional sports today, having donated over $60 million to various charities and scholarships nationwide.

Although representing his numerous clients is very time consuming, Steinberg also contributes his time and efforts to a variety of humanitarian causes. He is actively involved with the Human Relations Commission, Children Now, Children’s Miracle Network, CORO Fellow program, and the Starlight Foundation. He founded and underwrites the Steinberg Leadership Institute, a nationwide program run by the Anti-Defamation League, which prepares students to fight racism and inequality throughout the world. He has endowed scholarships at his high school, donated time and resources to organizations such as the Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Junior Achievement. He has also endowed a classroom at the University of California, Berkley. Through his “Concussion Seminars”, Steinberg has taken it upon himself to bring together the best in football and medicine to discuss strategies to make the game safer for all participants.

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Our leadership team gave their Monday night to attend the Visioning Launch Lab, getting ready for the start of the new Rotary year on July 1st. 🎉🎉

What an amazing and dedicated group! Can’t wait to see what all they accomplish this year! #agentsofchange #peopleofaction
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Happy #MemberMonday honoring one of our Rotarians.

Dr. Mouzon Biggs, Jr., is inspiring on many levels and we are blessed to be able to call him a fellow Rotarian.

Anytime it is announced that Mouzon will be speaking it brings anticipation that you will hear something grand, something that will leave you thinking about what has been said. We all know Mouzon speaks from the heart and presents in a thoughtful, inspirational and well-meaning way. Mouzon inspires me to “keep doing the next right thing” and "keep swinging for the fences” as he so amply displays this motto in his day to day life. Thank you Mouzon for being you.

Upon retiring as Sr Pastor at Boston Avenue Methodist Church Mouzon said: “I never walked into the pulpit that I didn’t do the best I knew how to be as faithful to God’s word as I knew how. I never promised a home run, but I did promise to swing as hard as I could. I think I managed that.”

I think we can all agree he did that and so much more.
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June 14, 2004

15 years ago today, Past President Jimmie Saied celebrated his final birthday at the 11th Annual Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards Banquet directing "The Stars and Stripes Forever."

2004 Iba Chair, Linda Bradshaw, introduced him with the following:

"Our finale is a tribute to our honorees with a presentation that is a testament to his own life. A gentleman and patriot beyond description was born this very day, June 14, 1915 on Flag Day. He carried the torch to Washington to witness the signing into law signifying that "The Star and Stripes Forever" become the official march of the United States of America. He has thrilled thousands for decades with his characterization of John Philip Sousa through the concerts he has conducted across this great country. I'm proud to celebrate his 89th birthday with him tonight. He is my dearest and personal friend. Please welcome, Maestro James G. Saied."
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The Rotary Club of Tulsa, with sincere appreciation, presents the “James G. Saied Service Above Self…And Then Some” Award to Rotarian and Past President Charles B. Wilson, Jr.

For continuing to serve his club with leadership counsel and enthusiasm long after serving as club President, 1996-97;

For strengthening the club by initiating several membership initiatives that led to more and higher committed members that reflect the vitality and diversity of our community;

For his numerous leadership positions on the board and club committees, including the Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards, where he chaired the event and served on the organizing committee for all 25 years;

For his leadership coordinating Rotary’s support for the transformational OU-OSU Bedlam Clinics;

He is exceptionally qualified to receive the club’s highest honor.

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