The Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation (the “Foundation”) uses the following Guidelines for the approval of projects requesting charitable donations from the Club Foundation, all of which Guidelines are applied flexibly and none of which, in and of itself, lead to approval or denial of a particular request:

    1.  Grant applications may be submitted from January 1st through February 28th and from June 1st through July 31st. They should be mailed or delivered to the Rotary office at 616 S Boston Ave., Ste 410, Tulsa, OK  74119.
Fall Applications Spring Applications
Application review Aug-Oct Mar-May
Board submission November May
Board review December June
Distribution January July


    2.  The Foundation gives strong preference to projects that will benefit persons living in Tulsa and adjoining counties.
    3.  The Foundation favors capital needs or special projects. Requests to fund general operations will only be accepted for organizations that have existed for three (3) years or less unless the applicant can demonstrate a special need for one-time operational funds that will not be needed in future years.
    4.  An organization may apply for funding once every 12 months but may only receive funding for a maximum of two (2) successive years.
    5.  The Foundation favors a request that will impact many people.
    6.  The Foundation favors projects that will provide assistance to people living in need (such as those who cannot adequately provide for basic living expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, health care (including mental health) and transportation).
    7.  The Foundation favors Projects that will be beneficial to youth, particularly if it helps educate youth on business and the free enterprise system.
    8.  The Foundation favors projects or organizations that are supported or recommended by a Rotary Club of Tulsa member as opposed to a request coming from outside the Club. We strongly suggest a Rotary Club of Tulsa Rotarian be involved as a donor, volunteer or board member.
    9.  Grant recipients must use granted funds for the purpose(s) presented to the Foundation and must account for all funds granted to the Rotary Foundation Grants Committee (“Committee”) and the Trustees.  Grant recipients must be prepared to make presentations to the Committee members and the Trustees, or assist in making presentations, as requested.  Grant recipients must return granted funds to the Foundation when not used as stated or intended.
    10. Grants shall be made only:
  • To charitable organizations which qualify for exemptions from federal income tax under Section 501(C)(3) of the Code and contributions to which are deductible under Sections 170(C), 2055 or 2522 of the Code;
  • For “charitable purposes” which shall include only charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of those terms as used in Section 501(C)(3) of the Code, but only such purposes as also constitute public charitable purposes under the laws of the State of Oklahoma; or
  • To states, territories or possessions of the United States, any political subdivision of any of the foregoing, or to the United States of the District of Columbia, but only for charitable purposes.
    11. Grant requests for technology items (computers, printers, networking equipment, copy machines, projectors, etc.) should be reviewed through 501TechNet at the Tulsa Community Foundation prior to submission. Final submission should include specifications and price quotations for all requested equipment. The application should specify how the equipment supports the organization’s project.
    12. The Foundation accepts applications from faith-based organizations.  The program or project for which the application is made must meet the conditions set forth in item 10(b) above and further, the program or project must not have as its purpose the promotion of any religious agenda or the favoring of any religious viewpoint over another.
    13. The Foundation accepts applications from cultural or artistic organizations.  However, the applicant must show how the program or project for which the application is made complies with the mission of Rotary and the purpose of the Rotary Club Tulsa Foundation.
    14. Applications for large capital projects should anticipate that the Foundation may require the applicant secure either matching funds, other grants or otherwise demonstrate that the full project cost has been secured, before the Foundation will issue a check.  Funding requests so deferred will be reserved for 120 days beyond the end of the Foundation’s fiscal year-end of June 30 unless otherwise extended by the Trustees.
    15. The Foundation has a policy of reviewing projects a year or more after funding to monitor the effectiveness of its grant program.  By submitting a Grant Application, applicant agrees to fully cooperate with the initial inspection and with any follow-up requests.
    16. Applicant must clearly divulge all assets and sources of funds that benefit the applicant or its affiliated organizations.  For instance, if applicant is the beneficiary of a separate endowment or building fund and that asset is not shown on applicants financial statements, that information must be provided as a part of the grant application.
    (Revised January 16, 2013)

How To Apply

Organizations interested in applying should review the guidelines above and then complete and submit a Club Foundation grant application. The Club Foundation grant application may be obtained by contacting the Rotary Club of Tulsa office at, or by downloading the MS Word document.

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Have you met Robert Babcock?

Robert Babcock has a passion for inclusion. “Everyone has a place at life’s table” and he works hard to make sure each person’s contribution is valued, respected and purposeful.

“In this diverse world of ours, it is important to recognize and value our differences and maintain balance. Then we can create a world of synergy which fuels our greatest potential through inclusion,” he said.

Robert is Director of Community Relations for ONE Gas, a natural gas distribution company headquartered in Tulsa. ONE Gas is the parent company of Oklahoma’s largest natural gas utility, Oklahoma Natural Gas, which has been in operation since 1906 serving families and businesses in our great state.

Before he assumed this role, Robert was in the Human Resources Department at ONE Gas, and was responsible for leading Inclusion and Diversity initiatives. Prior to that he created and implemented the “Live Smart” health and wellness initiative at ONEOK.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas with a BA in Geography, he spends time training for marathons and is actively involved in the renaissance of Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
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Next year, Oklahoma's archaic liquor laws will change with the sale of wine in grocery stores; strong, cold beer in liquor stores and on-premises sales of Oklahoma-brewed craft beer. This Wednesday at Downtown Rotary, a panel of distinguished industry leaders will talk about how the new laws are impacting their part of the business and how the average Oklahoman will see changes in the way they purchase alcohol. Come hear Mike Thornbrugh with QuikTrip, Tina Parkhill with Parkhill's Warehouse Liquors and Wines, and Eric Marshall with Marshall Brewing Company share their perspectives. ... See MoreSee Less

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